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1942 Canadian Respirator with Bag and Contents

A near complete Canadian Respirator rig in excellent clean condition. The gas mask is GSW produced and well marked and dated 8/42. The bag is clean and marked SS Holden. Included is a set of 42 eye shields, a complete tin of Anti Gas Ointment and two different anti dimming tins (a Chaco 42 and a GSW 41 Mk I). I think the only thing not included is the gas brassard. As clean and complete a grouping as you could hope to find.

Code: 53163Price: 225.00 CAD

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WW1 British issue Mess Tin 1917

A very good British issues kidney shaped mess tin. Most of the original subdued finish is present to the exterior and the interior tin wash is bright. This is the type without the little insert tray. Maker mark to bottom is partially obscured - looks like COCK & CORFIELD LTD 1917. There is also a Broad Arrow stamped into the lip of the bottom tin.

Code: 53162Price: 150.00 CAD

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WW2 Canadian CIGARETTES Ration Tin

A hard to find cigarette ration tin as issued to Canadian and British troops. A small rectangular tin designed to fit into the BD pocket. This example shows lots of use wear to the painted finish with the stenciled CIGARETTES logo badly worn but readable. This one likely saw a lot of use by the same soldier through NW Europe.

Code: 53161Price: 35.00 CAD

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Canadian C1A2 Grenade Hand Smoke Cannister

An aluminum cannister which held a C1A2 smoke grenade. Paper label attached in excellent condition.

Code: 53160Price:

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CWAC Khaki SD Cap - Post War

A nice Canadian Woman's Army Corps cap with badge. The cap has anodized Queen's Crown GS buttons and is marked inside with a C Broad Arrow. The makers tag has been removed. I would say mid 1950's-1960's vintage.

Code: 53159Price:

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WW2 Highland Light Infantry Sweetheart Pin

A sweetheart brooch made from a small HLI tunic button.

Code: 53158Price: 10.00 CAD

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WW2 Canadian Grenadier Guards Sweetheart Pin

A brooched large tunic button with good pin back.

Code: 53157Price: 10.00 CAD

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Canadian Grenadier Guards Sweetheart Pin - Postwar

A Queen's crown period sweet heart to the CGG.

Code: 53156Price: 5.00 CAD

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1 Canadian Parachute Battalion War Economy Plastic Cap Bagde

An extremely rare WW2 cap badge to 1 Can Para in brown plastic with proper retaining pin to the reverse. Often these pins are missing or broken. Nice detail to this badge and CANADIAN PARACHUTE CORPS is clearly visible.
This badge will be shipped in a box with tracked shipping to ensure it's security and avoid possible damage so please don't ask if it can go in a $2 envelope.

Code: 53155Price:

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WW2 PPCLI Shoulder Title in Canvas

A hard to find canvas title to the PPCLI This badge is in unused condition and is bright and stiff. There is a small amount of paper and glue residue to the back where the badge was removed from a scrap book. There are also staple marks to the left and right edges which are not very obvious but there none the less.

Code: 53154Price: 65.00 CAD

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